Two Women Carrying Sofa As They Move Into New Home

What’s the best way to buy furniture?

You’re setting up your very first house. You’re excited one minute, and overwhelmed the next when you consider all that goes along with this welcome-to-adulthood rite of passage. There are utilities to set up, bills to pay, and furniture to buy. Your first time out of your parent’s house and into your own can be quite an expensive undertaking – especially when you need everything all at once. For many, the first inclination is to put it all on a charge card when paying for everything up front isn’t realistic. But there are other options. Consider the benefits of rent to own. Champion Sales and Lease offers this flexible, easy option, which is often much more manageable to pay over time – either weekly or monthly.

Rent to Own Basics

So just what is rent to own? Well, when you rent to own you rent an item, making payments over time and at the end of a specified number of weeks or months, if you have continued to make those payments, you’ll own the item. If you decide you no longer want the merchandise during that time, simply return it and the payments stop.

Who uses rent to own?

Rent to own is truly for everyone. Whether you are a young adult setting up a home of your own for the first time, a professional on a short term work assignment away from home, a homeowner wanting to stage her home for sale, technology enthusiasts who prefer to have the latest gadgets, families who would prefer to pay overtime to replace a broken appliance instead of going into debt, a sports fan who wants a big TV for the game, or discerning consumers who want to take an item for a test run before making a major purchase commitment.

Champion Sales and Lease has all of your furnishing and technology needs. Whether you live in an apartment, or recently purchased a house you’re looking to fill with fantastic pieces, they have something for every space. From computers and televisions to refrigerators and washing machines, to beds and sofas, let Champion Sales and Lease help you customize your space with convenient payment schedules and no hefty credit card balance to worry about.

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