For those old enough, you can remember the metal slides that burnt every uncovered part of your skin when playing. Nowadays, these constructions are bit more safe but in regards to playing and having fun in the Summer, need to remember some basic safety tips.

The sun. Much of skin diseases can begin prior to the age of 18 so be liberal with sunscreen for your kids and you too. Make sure to apply every two hours and be sure to get those places where the sun hits the hardest – the nose, back of the neck and even the top of the ears.

If you’re sunbathing or swimming then all of the uncovered parts and don’t forget the top of the feet. For some reason, that is one spot many people forget. Wear a hat and sunglasses. And, if hanging out at the pool all day, spend some time in the shade.

And if swimming in the pool, keep the “arm away” rule with little kids. That means you’re never an arm away from them swimming so you can rescue them if anything happens. And, remember, anyone can drown so keep an eye on everyone to be the safest.

And, water! No matter what you do, especially in the Summer, make sure you drink plenty of water. And make sure the kiddos drink plenty of water. Always ask them and don’t wait until they say they’re thirsty. That usually means they’re already dehydrated.

What about mowing the yard? If you have a riding lawn mower, the general rule of thumb is that no one under 18 is supposed to use one and no one under the age of 12 should use a push mower. For gas powered mowers, don’t touch the engine. Make sure it is off when refilling and always make sure the blades have quit rotating and are completely off when cleaning grass out.

Try not to back pedal when mowing. It’s the easiest way to trip, fall and get hurt. Always wear sturdy shoes and clean up the lawn of big sticks and debris so you’re not shooting off large dangerous chunks to you and others.

Now, back to the playground. Just because they’re not metal, test the slides and seats before the kids play. Plastic can still get dangerously hot. Remove anything that has straps to get caught on the equipment even helmets. Never allow children to attach ropes, leashes or anything that can strangle. Inspect playground equipment for long bolt ends that can make a nasty gash or an S-hook to get caught.

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