With the holidays in full swing, everyone has on their mind what will be under the tree for them Christmas morning. But getting all of the perfect gifts during this time can be hard on the budget. Here are some tips on how to maximize your holiday spending.

Plan ahead! Start early to keep an eye out for the best deals. Look into shopping apps that will make the process easier.

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Write (or type!) a list and budget and STICK TO IT. Think of every person you will be getting something for and about how much you will be spending on each. Make adjustments as needed to stick to your budget. Don’t forget about little gifts for co-workers or acquaintances which can add up. Also remember any charities that you donate to.

Each time you purchase a gift, make note of how much you spent and cross it off your list. Then most importantly STOP SHOPPING! It is difficult to do but it will help with sticking to your budget and prevent any after holiday panic.