Invite the outdoors in this summer with decor inspired by nature. Whether you put out a display of shells or hang a botanical poster, a little bit of nature will bring a fresh look to your home decorating.

Sometimes the addition of a single natural object can launch a vignette into perfection. Look for items that have insteresting shapes and are to scale with the rest of the display.

Believe it or not but taxidermy and antlers are hot in homedecor and can add a little rustic appeal to cottage style, but they look just as at home when juxtaposed against a more modern aesthetic. Shop estate sales and flea markets to dig up mounted antlers.

Use bowls and trays to corral stray objects, and display shells or rocks inside the pretty vessels.

For wall art with dimension, hang a twisty, tangly branch on the wall. Try manzanita branches, which are characterized by their forked, spindly tines.

An ensemble of small houseplants adds the perfect amount of natural character to any space. Green plants function as a unique and balanced centerpiece. Beautiful wood grains on the tabletop and chairs further incorporate organic flair. To maintain free-flowing conversation at the table, keep your containers low so diners don’t have to duck around the plants to chat.

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