Entertain in Style with a New Dining Room Table


Stylish Dining Room tables are a great way to entertain your family and guests.  With the Holiday’s just around the corner, now is the time to spruce up your dining room!


Here are some quick tips for selecting a new dining room set.

  • Know how much space you have. Measure the room or space you have available. Keep in mind the amount of space available to easily walk around the table. You don’t want your guests to have to stand up to let someone walk by.
  • How many chairs do you need? How many will be sitting at the table daily?
  • What shape do you want? Round? Round tables are classic shapes and provide easy flow of conversation. Rectangular is another timeless shape that accommodates a lot of guests, especially if adding a leaf or two. Square is a contemporary shape giving a more unique and modern feel to your dining room. Oval and octagon tables add character to a room and generally work well in boxy room.
  • Color is another consideration. There are the classic light and dark walnut colors that fit most color schemes and style preferences. Deep rich browns give a warm and classic feel. Farmhouse whites add country charm.  Glass top and steel legs offer a sleek modern look. Many color chooses are available. Pick a color that reflects your style and looks great with the color scheme of your space.
  • Know the function of your table. Will this table be just for every day family use? Is this going to be a table that is used just for entertaining, maybe in a formal dining room? Are you planning to do a lot of entertaining? Knowing how you want to utilize the table will help in size and style selections.
  • Chair Selection is important too. Do you like high back chairs? Bench seating? Padded or cushioned seating? Cloth or wood chairs? If you have children, fabric may not be the best choice as it may be harder to keep clean.
  • Try out many different sets in the store. Sit at the chairs and make sure they are comfortable. Make sure the set you select fits every aspect you need, size shape, color, and functionality.


Champion Sales and Lease offers a wide variety of dining room furniture. You can even Special Order if you don’t find what you like in the store.