Mother’s day is the time to honor your mom, grandmother and all other mom’s in the family. One special way to honor your mother is to have it at home.

Being at home with your mother can bring back all of those feelings and images of your childhood and being, well, Momma’d. So here’s some Mother’s Day tips for a nice celebration at home.

First is ask which home. Mom may want it at yours so she doesn’t have to clean up before and after. But, if she prefers it at her home then make sure you clean up afterwards. And, of course, you do the cooking or bringing the food. Her job is to have no jobs.

If you have siblings (and get along) then have all of the children and grandchildren there. A great big family honoring the matriarch(s) is the best Mother’s Day she could hope for.

There are the standards of Mother’s day at home such as bringing her flowers but a better one is to bring her photos of her with you and the siblings. Have a scrapbook? Bring it. These days, it may be on the tablet. Either way, the memories are shared through pictures so take full advantage. If you’re a parent, you know the best gift is memory lane.

Speaking of memory lane, think about some of your favorite stories and have them ready. And, remember, some of the best and funniest memories can be of those when you got in trouble and how Mom reacted. Have the grandkids hand draw special cards and ready to tell their favorite story as well.

Don’t forget Dad in all of this. Make sure he is included in the stories and memories as well. But, he is also not allowed to work on that day as well. But, keep it focused on Mom just don’t completely ignore O’ Daddio.

As for the meal, make her special meal she loves or bring in the food from her favorite restaurant. These days, there’s so many food delivery services that you may want to consider one of those to make things easier. We’re not talking take-out or pizza delivery. These services deliver from nice restaurants.

Another food option is home-made dinner delivery services. There are home cook operations popping up all over the place nowadays. A chef who doesn’t want the overhead of a restaurant will prepare gourmet meals at their kitchen in their home then bring them over on the day of indulgence. That’s a nice and new option.

Take these good tips for a special and fun Mom’s day at home. And remember! Take photos so you can bring them to next year’s Mother’s Day celebration.

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