It’s just about time to get ready for spring cleaning which means a lot of decorative changes. Seasons change and so does your home both inside and out. So first things first, it’s time to clean up last season. But let’s take this yearly chore one step at a time. By starting indoors.

First thing first, get rid of old or unused items. That goes for everything inside. Start with your clothes. Look at all of your spring clothing and pile up those you’re tired of or have literally worn out their welcome. Throw them away or donate them.

This helps clean out your closets and, best of all, know what kind of clothes shopping you need to do. For those who love to shop then that gives you a true, focused and blissful purpose. For those who do not like to shop, well, at least your closet is lighter and cleaner.

Spring means lighter and brighter colors. That definitely means your bed linens. Have those clean and ready. Take them to your local dry cleaners or do it yourself, have them fresh and ready to go. How about table clothes and napkins? Same thing. Get those lighter, brighter ones clean and ready (or bought). How about those curtains? Some go to the extent of having seasonal curtains. If so, have the spring/summer ones sent to the dry cleaners ready for the warmer, sunnier seasons of spring and summer.

Spring season means a change of menus. It’s not spring yet so we’re still in winter menu mode but have to start at the starting line which means cleaning, ugh. Go through the refrigerator and inspect every expiration stamp and let the throwaway begin. Remember to throw those that are eco-friendly away in the recycling bin. You don’t have to clean them out. They’ll take them full of mustard and what not.

Then go through the pantry and do the same thing. And that means everything including the rack of spices. You’ll be amazed how long ago you used that particular spice. Was it really 2003? Geesh. Toss! And make a list of everything you toss to use for tomorrow’s grocery list so you’re not in the middle of a spring barbecue and the chili rub is not there.

These two chores of cleaning the refrigerator and pantry also gives you the prime opportunity to clean out the drawers, bins and shelves. If they’re more empty then they’re easier to clean. Sorry for that tip. But, it’s a good one.

Getting ready for spring and spring cleaning can be daunting so start with small simple tips. These are a few good ones to get through with to then head onwards to more and, then soon enough, it will be time to go outdoors to spring in action.

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