Are you restless at night? Do you wake up feeling achy and tired? It might be time to replace your mattress.  While some mattresses exceed their life expectancy, once your mattress is 8 years old, it is usually time to start shopping for a new one. With all the different options out there, how do you choose the right mattress for you?


  1. Budget- set your budget for your new mattress.
  2. Talk to your doctor if you have any health issues that may help determine the type of mattress you should choose.
  3. Go online and research mattresses. There is a lot of information on different types of mattresses, such as pillowtop, eurotop, memory foam, etc.
  4. Know how you sleep. Are you a stomach sleeper, a back sleeper, a side sleeper? This is important to know when selecting the firmness and support of a mattress.
  5. Look at your current mattress, where do you see the most sagging? That is the area in which you need the most support in your new mattress.
  6. Head to the store.
  7. Talk with the salesperson regarding what you are looking for in a mattress.
  8. Test Drive the mattresses. This means lay on the mattress and lay on them just how you would sleep at night. Move around on the mattress. If something feels uncomfortable, then try a different mattress.
  9. Once you select a mattress, protect your investment with a mattress cover.

Your mattress can improve how you feel every day. Take the time to buy the one that is the best for you.  Mattresses are long term investments that should always be carefully chosen.