There is one thing we all have in common and that is dirty laundry. You can’t escape it. We all have dirt and we all need clean clothes.

Selection can be frustrating since there are so many choices in today’s laundry. Don’t let yourself get agitated in the process.

Let’s explore some of the options.

Front loaders are a very popular style. They are usually the most expensive up front option but the best front loaders can clean clothes better than the most H.E. top loaders. Front loaders tend to be larger capacity and will allow you to wash more clothes at once. This is helpful in larger families. Spinning time is faster and longer to extract more water, cutting down on dry time, saving time and money in the drying process. The down fall is wash time is typically longer than a top loader. Some consumers have complained about mold developing in the rubber gaskets of the doors. This is easily corrected or avoided by routine cleaning of the gaskets. Front loaders come in a variety of styles and colors as well. Many different features are also available. Make sure you have space for the door to open in your laundry area of your home. Some of these doors open fairly wide. You will also need to decide if you want or need a pedestal with our machine. Pedestals are helpful if you have trouble bending over to reach into the machine.

Top Loaders with an agitator are the traditional washer models. They will get the job done but might not be as energy efficient as H.E. top loaders or front loader machines. Smaller capacity models are usually found with this style. Less features are usually available with traditional models.

High Efficiency Top Loaders. These models do not have agitators. They are usually more expensive than a traditional top loader but can save you money over time. They use less water and spin out faster to extract more water, cutting drying time down. Much larger capacity machines are found with HE top loaders. Some of these can have very deep drums- so it might be a good idea to reach in when you are shopping for one and make sure you can comfortably reach the bottom.

Whichever model you choose, it is always important to establish a budget, know how much space you have available for the new machine, and know what benefits and features are important to you.