bedroom set

Your bedroom is your personal retreat. It is typically a room that is not “open to the public”. It is your escape from reality room. So, make it beautiful with a great bedroom suite.
Start your selection process by making a quick list of what you need and want in your space. Take some measurements so you know how much room you have. Take in account, doorways, closets, vents in the floor if you have any, and window openings. Set a budget.
Research the different styles available. You could choose from eclectic, cottage, classic, farmhouse, modern, traditional, and contemporary. Select a style that fits your personality and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Decide on the chest of drawers, side tables and any other furniture you need to complete your suite. Know how much drawer space you need. How many pieces do you need? Do you need one or two night stands? How much space do you have around the room for the pieces? You want your bedroom space to feel open and airy to help you unwind and sleep well.
Once you know how much space you have available and what style you want to create your personal sanctuary, head to Champion Sales and Lease and start shopping the Bedroom Suites available. You can even Special Order if you don’t see what you like on the floor.
Champion Sales and Lease staff are experts in furniture selection and can help you select and design the look of your space. They can even help you add accessories and rugs to your suite.