The bedroom has become so much more than just the place where we sleep. Today, a home’s master bedroom is more closely associated with a private retreat, where one can relax and recharge in a tranquil environment. A number of elements go into to creating a truly luxurious master suite and with a little help from Champion Sales and Lease, yours can come together in no time! Take a look at these tips for creating a luxurious and comfortable master bedroom suite:

  • Choose a soothing color for the walls and keep it neutral. Deep blues, rich shades of brown, beige and gray and hypnotic hues of green, can impart a Zen-like calm. Pairing monochromatic window treatments and room-darkening shades is another way to keep your private haven separate from the stresses of the outside world.
  • Sumptuous bed linens are a key element in establishing spa-like ambiance. Go for natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or linen and coordinate textures and patterns for a tasteful, eclectic look.
  • The right lighting is another important consideration. Having ample light to read by is essential along with additional light fixtures that illuminate the room’s cozy corners.
  • An open, uncluttered space makes your master suite soothing and inviting. Don’t add too much or excessively large furniture.
  • A seating area or reading nook can break up your space and add an inviting place to relax in addition to the bed.
  • The idea of escaping represents different things to each of us. For some, it may mean sinking into an over stuffed easy chair, putting our feet up and diving into a good book. It could also mean settling into bed-remote in hand, for an evening of big screen entertainment. Others may look forward to retreating to the master suite for a catnap or romantic evening. Regardless of what you have in mind, Champion Sales and Lease can help create the perfect setting!

We encourage you to browse our site and consider all of the possibilities. From lovely bedroom suites to comfortable upholstered pieces and flat-screen TVs, we have the perfect combination of must-haves for the master suite of your dreams. In addition to our easy and affordable rent to own program, we also have in store design services and take great pride in helping each of our customers create a space that is as unique as they are!

Note: The furniture shown in the photo is our Mantaro Bedroom Set